About Us

To ensure a health workforce that reflects and is prepared to meet the health needs of California’s diverse communities through leadership, advocacy and resource building.


California Health Professions Consortium (CHPC), a statewide coalition of individuals, organizations and pipeline programs working together to develop and implement statewide and regional strategies and policies to increase the representation of under-represented minority students in the health professions, thereby increasing the diversity of the state’s health workforce. CHPC brings together a broad audience of individuals and organizations who have a vested interest in health workforce diversity and health career pathway programs, and to provide a forum for cross-sector and cross-academic level dialogue. It also provides a venue to collectively explore how to advocate at multiple levels for health professions diversity and equity within our state.

CHPC was developed in December 2006, as a statewide organization committed to addressing the gap in the diversity of California’s health workforce by promoting pipeline development at all levels. The first meeting consisted of 12 individuals; by 2020 CHPC has over 1,000 individual members representing over 400 organizations. The members of CHPC represent a variety of sectors, including direct service providers (hospitals, clinics, physicians, dentists, nurses, promotors’), health plans, policy and advocacy organizations, K-12 (administrators, counselors and teachers), academic institutions (including representation from the community colleges, the California State University system, the University of California system, as well as private universities), health pipeline programs, and other entities.


  • Promote diversity and inclusion within its organization and in the institutions of the broader society.
  • Engage members and students in the growing racial justice and equity movements that directly and indirectly impact the physical,emotional and mental health of our communities.
  • Combine a passion for social justice with a respect for research and knowledge.
  • Founded on collaboration, partnerships, mutual support, and sharing among all programs and efforts that promote diversity in the health professions.
  • Accountable for results

Strategies and Objectives

1. Convening and connecting stakeholders from across California that are working to improve diversity in the health professions.

  • Enhance Consortium member program networking and communication to strengthen the impact of each individual program.
  • Allow for coordination across the state for student and program health pipeline services.
  • Collect and share data relative to the health professions workforce and pipeline programs.

2.  Informing policymakers about issues that speak to diversifying the health professions in California.

  • Improve the coordination for policy efforts and funding streams that promote diversity in health professions programs in California
  • Educate stakeholders about the imperative to increase health workforce diversity and innovative solutions

3. Supporting implementation of the California Future Health Workforce Commission’s recommendations.

4. Provide current and relevant information for students, parents, educators, professionals and organizations with a vested interest in the health professions.