Meeting PhotoCHPC convenings have continued to be the staple of the Consortium, as they provide a forum for dialogue that crosses regions, health sectors, and academic levels. The forum allows idea sharing in areas of concern and invite open discussions with others who are facing similar concerns or who may have found solutions. They also provide an opportunity for like-minded organizations and individuals to network, frequently leading to partnerships important to program advocacy and funding. Key public stakeholders also attend meetings to share strategies and programs, solicit member feedback and engage in educational discussions about policy solutions.

Issues and topics of interest:

  • Increased articulation between Community Colleges, California State University, and University of California to aid in student academic transitions on their journey to health professional schools
  • Needed content for health professions pipeline curricula as viewed by the health employers
  • How the Affordable Care Act impacts the type of health workforce we should be preparing
  • Partnerships between health employers/industry with school districts regarding healthcare internship opportunities
  • Facilitation of technical assistance opportunities for newer pipeline programs
  • Best practices in health professions pipeline evaluation
  • How to positively impact the waning numbers of boys of color entering higher education and health professional schools
  • How can current pipeline programs work within their regions to increase the scale of their efforts
  • Impact of COVID-19 on communities of color in CA and opportunities to engage youth and residents in mitigation and recovery efforts on the way to becoming health professionals.